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Use this page to join your practice to our network. Help with this page
Locations add location Click to add your practice location(s).
Users add user Click to add user(s) autorized to place requests.
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Fill location information below and click OK:
Submit location information cancel
Enter information for user to manage selected locations:
Submit user information Cancel
  • Enter name of your practice.
  • Click on Add Location buttons and add all locations of your practice one by one.
  • Enter name of the location if location has name. For example: Royal Smiles.
  • Choose billable, non billable or underwriter location.
  • Billable is the location where you provide dental treatment and invoices will be send to that location.
  • Non Billable is the location where you provide dental treatment but invoices will be send to another location.
  • Underwriter location is the location where you want bills to be send, but no dental treatment performed. Good example is accountant office or PO box
  • Provide at least one contact information phone, email, cell or fax
  • To completely utilize our sophisticated communication system, we encourage you to include all your contact information including emails.
  • After you done with location(s), add user(s) authorized to place requests for dental staff
  • When your practice has multiply locations, you have an option to use one user for all locations, different users for each location or assign group of locations to several users
  • To add user, place check mark for locations you want to assign to new user and click Add User button
  • If you created multiply users, please mark one user you want to remain logged in after you done. In this case you can place your order immediately.
  • Please, note that user can only place requests for location he or she assigned to him or her